My department is looking for a CRM tool to manage its relationship with graduated students (either on BSc, MSc or PhD level). What we want to achieve:

  • Show our candidates that you can get a well paid work after graduating Physics in Poland (they don't believe such positions exist)
  • Allow our department to track careers of out students and possibly change study program to better fulfill their needs
  • Gain input from former students
  • Allow current and former students to view/apply for job opportunities (people from our department who start a company often look for people with similar education level)

All these use cases are more or less practiced now, but mainly using emails.

I was wondering what are established practices, particularly in Western Universities (since Polish ones tend to lag somewhat, especially when it comes to such problems). Do your departments do any kind of alumni tracking? If yes, what tools do you use? If not, why not?


LinkedIn is a fine resource for this sort of thing, especially for keeping track of alums' careers and contact data. I encourage my students to link to me for exactly this reason.

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