I'm looking for solutions to help modernizing the publication of a scientific journal on the web. Since 2004 we are using a simple but cumbersome method of publication, by crafting html/css files from templates, with a bit of php/mysql to maintain the authors' database. We now have the opportunity (time and server access) to upgrade the hosting software system.

We (extensively) tried OpenJournalSystems, but it's too comprehensive and cumbersome for us, we have a simpler paper review and publication process. I haven't found any other solution like OJS that's also free and open source (the journal is open access).

As of today, I'm envisaging two types of solutions :

  • a classic CMS (like wordpress) with a "journal" theme (like Annotum ?)
  • a handmade PHP/MySQL system using a PHP Framework (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, ...).

Anyone has some experience to share ?


In addition to the OpenJournalSystems (OJS) software, I'm aware of the following free and open source solutions that you might want to consider. They are similar to OJS in terms of functionality, but, perhaps, simpler:

While I would strongly prefer open source software, just for completeness, below I will mention some commercial hosted solutions:

Finally, a few words on alternative solutions that you consider. In my opinion, the CMS solution is feasible, but, you will likely to lose some features found in specialized open source solutions, such as DPubS or EPrints, for example, document workflow, flexible user rights management and more. I would be very cautious about and, actually, don't recommend the handmade MySQL/PHP system (or any other handmade solution, for that matter) due to various reasons, including, but not limited to, significant efforts required for creation and maintenance of such system.

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    Thanks for your input. DPubs and EPrints seems to be complex and not very recent solutions. I think i'll focus my search on the web publication aspects instead of the paper reviewing workflow. I've found some pointers on this post : openoasis.org/… May 16 '15 at 12:49
  • @LaurentJégou: You're welcome and good luck! The post you referred to is indeed interesting. May 16 '15 at 19:37

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