I am PhD student in biomedical signal processing area. Before starting my PhD in January 2015, I was researcher in a research group in which I had the opportunity to know one of the best researchers in my area of interest who is also a member of the best group in the world. After starting my PhD I decided to continue in the same area but with a different group. Now I want to get in contact with the researcher, I mentioned above, and ask for collaboration.

What should be the content of my email regarding the researcher's relations with my previous group? Should I explain the about the reason's of changing group or not?

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Young students are expected to move around for any number of reasons, so I don't think there is any particular need to explain your reasons for changing groups unless the other person asks. Instead, I would recommend getting back in touch with a simple greeting and a focus on the new collaboration that you are aiming to establish. An example of an email along these lines might be:

Hello, Dr. X:

You may remember me from our previous work when I was studying under Prof. Mysterio. I am now pursuing my Ph.D. under Prof. Moriarty, working on the same subject of penguin wrangling. As before, your work on penguin tracking devices would be very useful; would you be interested in continuing our collaboration?

Adjust as appropriate for your particulars.

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