I'm an undergraduate in their penultimate year in the US, although for financial reasons I am thinking of graduating next month instead of next year. For a long time, I've wanted to go into academia: I just found the idea of doing research and maybe teaching appealing. However:

  • My GPA is completely wrecked: it's below a 3.0. I was fairly depressed for a few terms, and I probably had a mismatch with my major, which was made all the worse by poor focus and me not realizing it until recently.

  • Most of my coursework has been for things related to my major. Thanks to a strong liberal arts education, I've taken a good selection of other courses, in which I've gotten significantly better grades more consistently, but that's only around 25% of all my courses. (Think generally around the 3.3 range, at a school and presumably departments not known for grade inflation.) I want to go to grad school for something related to this stuff, but I feel like my preparation would be extremely lacking, particularly with my graduation plans. (Too few contacts, not enough experience, etc.)

  • I'm going to a top 10 or so school supposedly not known for grade inflation in the departments I'm interested in, but I have no idea if this helps.

How can I salvage my dreams of going into academia? At one point, I would have just considered it over and gone into industry, but now, with my current interests, I think it's still worth a shot. But I've had friends tell me I have no chance of getting anywhere decent with my grades, and well, even if they're not the best advisors, the issue of lack of experience and potential references is something.

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