I am updating my CV. As for my own publications, I have the usual sections:

  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Conference proceedings

I would also like to include the articles I have posted on different blogs.

The question is: which heading would you use for such electronic articles? They are not really conventional, peer-reviewed articles, so frankly I don't see fair to include them under the "Journal articles" section.

I saw some people use "Other publications", but I would like to be more specific.


Just keep it under a relevant label to make it sure that you don't pretend to have more peer-reviewed publications.

E.g. "Blog posts", or as I do: "Popular science and education-related articles (selected)".

If there are many, be sure to select only the most important/relevant ones.

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    I have a section called "Other public output". (And my articles section is "Peer Reviewed Articles.") – Jeremy Miles Apr 1 '15 at 18:57

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