My thesis was done in industry environment, therefore in the acknowledgements I would like to thank all the people that helped me, but I do not know how I should call them. Colleagues does not sound right to me since I am not actually employed in that company although I spend there every day of the last 5 months.

Which is the right english word? (I am a non native english speaker, but I have to write my thesis in english). Moreover, which is the right word for my industry tutor? Shall I call it advisor (whereas my professor will be my supervisor)? Or is it better to say co-supervisor?

And lastly...shall I write both their name and surname or only the name?


My answer is similar to but slightly different from jakebeal, but gives more meaningful context about this company's contribution and why you are thankful to them.

I am indebted to [COMPANY] and their managers and employees for serving as host and advisers to me for five months as I performed the core of my research. In particular, I would like to thank [NAME], who graciously tutored me about [TOPICS] which enabled me to [CONTRIBUTION]. I would also like to thank [NAME], [NAME], AND [NAME], who provided feedback and guidance along the way.

You should list first and last names for each person, including titles if they have a PhD or are a medical doctor: "John Jones, PhD" or "Dr. John Jones".


You can largely avoid the terminology question by saying something like:

Thank you to my company supervisor [NAME] and to the people at [COMPANY] who I have worked with, including [NAMES]

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