I am wondering how I can find and keep updated of the latest colloquia and talks videos. I imagine that schools may take videos of talks they hosted and upload them somewhere. Of course not every school/department does this, and this depends on the field that one is interested in. But if I know where they are, I can check for updates manually, or set up some sort of feed/automated notification with keyword filtering.

To be more clear I am not looking for videos of online classes (e.g., http://coursera.org), but talks about the latest work in one's field.

The only ones that I found are Stanford and UC Irvine, but I suspect there must be more out there that are not on youtube.

  • In many life sciences conferences it is standard to present unpublished material, but in contrast to some other fields there is no associated publication. As a result, many conferences do not record talks, and those that do usually make them available only to participants. – Bitwise Mar 19 '15 at 12:32


From my experience not very many schools record talks as a matter of policy. But the special institutes often do.

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videolectures.net hosts a large collection on a wide variety. They started as more computer science oriented (I usually watch the machine learning ones), but there are also other fields of study.

I've seen some major conferences and workshops utilize youtube lately.


Adding one web site that I found: Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

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