The bioRxiv advanced search form lets one find articles by their type. Following are the three types:

  • New Result
  • Confirmatory Result
  • Contradictory Result

An RSS feed is also available here: http://biorxiv.org/content/alertsrss

But I could not find any field in the entries for 'article type'. Is there a programmatic way of querying this information that I am missing ?

I could scrape the specific article page itself for this info. But that would not be too efficient. If anyone knows an API / RSS way of obtaining this information and shares it, it might be very useful.


Looking at the few XML in bioRxiv's RSS feeds, it looks like the information that you are looking for simply is not included in their schema at present. Thus, I would say that your only options are:

  1. Screen-scraping
  2. Asking for them to upgrade their feeds

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