I recently published a paper on IEEE transactions journal. in my paper link, when I click on authors tab and then my name, another pages is opened and shows many papers but they are not mine. it seems, someone else has same name as me. Is this case common? what should I do?


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Yes, this is a very common problem.

  1. You should publish with the most complete version of your name possible (e.g. use your middle name.) Think very carefully before changing your name (e.g. if you get married.)

  2. You should establish profiles with services that keep track of publications by author (including Google Scholar, Thompson's MyResearcherID, and ORCID) and then "claim" your publications using these ID's.

  • I made an account based on your second suggestion. But it was my complete name. There are a lot of people with my name in this country. Now my scholar account doesn't appear in the search results when I Google it. Is it because they have more citation than me? , We both have same name .@brian-borchers
    – SAH
    Commented Dec 31, 2014 at 17:18

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