I'm a second year undergrad in Canada, double majoring in math and philosophy. I take philosophy only because it is a spare time interest in high school, but I'm planning to apply math PhD after my undergrad study.

The problem now is that, my philosophy grade is overall 3.3(77-79, B+), though my math grade is 4.0(85+,A).

I'm wondering whether or not my philosophy grade will affect my math PhD application (targeting a top 20 program in North America)?

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For a math PhD program, the GPA in math is by far the most important. Your overall GPA still counts for something, but GPA in a different major may not count for anything more: if you applied to my math PhD program (UGA), I don't think your philosophy GPA would specifically be considered by us. If your overall GPA were something like 3.5 and your math GPA is 4.0: well, then you look like an overall good student who is outstanding at math. That's what math PhD programs want!

Having said that: I note that (i) you intend to go to a math PhD program, (ii) you have a perfect(?) math GPA and a (perfectly respectable but) significantly lower GPA in your second major, and (iii) you describe your second major "as a spare time interest in high school". I don't quite get it: you're not in high school anymore, so....tell me again why you're majoring in philosophy?

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