For the new faculty orientation, there is a get together where they will ask every new faculty member of all departments to say a few words about him/her self.

What are the best practices regarding that? any advice/examples/templates of how to do that briefly, eloquently and professionally?

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    Relax. They don't bite.
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    Aug 27, 2012 at 2:19

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Partly, you'll want to copy what others are doing. If everyone else only talks for 15 or 20 seconds, then almost anything that you say in a 3-minute monologue will be poorly received. Information that you'll likely want to mention includes: name, department, research interests, possibly where you've just moved from, and maybe a bit about you personally (I enjoy triathlons; married with two kids; active in a barbershop quartet; etc.) One point about your research interests: keep it very nontechnical. Rather than give many details, say something like I write computer programs to help blind people use computers, or I study 18th century literature, particularly the works of SoandSo. Most likely, this activity will be pretty informal. If you're still a little nervous about it, you might ask another junior faculty member in your department.


Assuming you have many departments, mostly your speech shouldn't cross 1 minute max. You should include below details. Full Name and Native Place Department, Job post ( Jr / Sr / Head etc )
Year of experience, Previous work place if any Specialization/ Research subject, Anything additional course you are taking for future, future prospects. if time permits abt family. Welcome others and happy to join the team to move further.

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