I am applying for PhD for a certain university (Canadian), and in the form there is a question about the academic background. In the options I see things like Bachelor of engineering, bachelor of engineering with honours, bachelor's degree general, bachelor's degree 4 year, and bachelor of science. There are similar options for the Master's degree: Master of engineering, Master's degree, and master's of science.

I completed my undergraduate study in 4 years and my degree is "Bachelor of science in engineering".There was a project in the final year. I am doing a "Master's of science in engineering". This is thesis based degree.

Which of the above options should I choose? In my country we only have Bachelor of science and Master's of science so I don't know what these things mean.

  • I am applying to phd programs in the US, and, after contacting the schools, the responses are: Choose the closest one. Lest there be any unnecessary error, just contact the school! I believe the staff member will reply in a timely fashion with etiquette.
    – Yes
    Oct 10, 2014 at 14:52
  • In regards to your question about what a Master of Engineering is, this wiki entry covers it. For example, an MEng Degree from the United Kingdom would be considered an undergraduate degree as it is provided in lieu of a Bachelor's and has the same study length.
    – Compass
    Oct 10, 2014 at 17:28

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By "I see things like," I assume you mean "the options are," i.e., the list of options you have given is exhaustive. I shall also assume that you are an engineering student, with a degree at "Bachelor of science" level and you are currently studying at "Master's of science" level. The question about academic background is looking for your highest qualification, so I would list "master's of science."

You could call the university to confirm!

EDIT. I do not agree with compass's remark that a UK MEng degree is provided in lieu of a Bachelor's and has the same study length: UK BEng degrees are typically three years, whereas UK MEng degrees are typically four years. It is possible that compass is attempting to compare Bachelor's degrees between different countries.

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