After asking this question, I've realised I don't really have a good grasp on what exactly the Chancellor does.

I know the Vice-Chancellor runs the university, but what does the Chancellor do?

I've been told it is something like: If the Vice-Chancellor was the Prime-minister, then the the Chancellor would be the Queen. Though that doesn't really say all that much.

Is it also similar to the corporate analogy of: the CEO and the Chairperson of the Board of Directors?


The analogy you postulated is a good one: the commonwealth Chancellor in such systems is pretty much a figurehead and PR person for the university, if he or she so chooses. He or she may or may not also run the executive council meetings; if not, such a duty devolves to the "pro-Chancellor."

  • Could you give a example of what kind of thing they might do as a PR person? Is it like appearing in adverts, or writing to government offices or ...? Sep 27 '14 at 2:56

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