I have done my Masters research in Microbial ecology. I am interested in stem cell research but I belong to a developing country where we don't have cutting edge research opportunities to gain hand-on experience. I have a good academic background but no research experience except undergraduate and postgraduate research. I am really willing to learn new techniques and want to change my research field to stem cell research. I am not good at convincing and presenting my point to convince a potential supervisor and show my motivation and interest.

Do I have to explain all this to the supervisor I am about to contact to make a point or straight away show my interest? I have obtained a scholarship just need acceptance and secure admission.

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If you have funding, you might email him:

Hello Professor X,

I am interested in researching stem cells, and see you are an expert at researching stem cells. I am wondering if you are accepting new graduate student this application cycle?

My background is QRS and also have some interests in TRV. Your paper on "MMMMM" is interesting, and wonder if your group is going to expand on that paper and if there are any opportunities in this field for graduate students if you are accepting students?

It is also important to note that I have a scholarship that will fully fund my education, and thus, am looking for a place to spend this scholarship money.

Thank you for your time,


Your actual email should probably be more specific and formal, but keep it brief. You are essentially a free graduate student (except time), so potential supervisors should be interested in you. Don't be modest about mentioning it.

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