Ed Tufte offers a discount to his seminars for "full-time teaching faculty" (as well as full-time students).

Does "full-time teaching" exclude full-time faculty who spend part time doing research? Does advising count as teaching?


I contacted the organizer and they clarified that "full-time teaching" excludes most "research" faculty; it is intended for faculty whose primary job is to teach, not research faculty who also teach.


You'd have to ask him to know for sure, but I would expect "full-time teaching faculty" to refer to full-time faculty whose duties include a substantial amount of teaching. It would exclude adjunct professors and other part-time faculty, and would also exclude faculty who never or rarely teach. I expect that very few college or university faculty positions literally involve teaching "full-time".


I don't think there is a single definition. The website refers to

Full-time students not currently working, and full-time teaching faculty only

I think in this case, it means people who do not have jobs outside the university, but it may exclude people who have a portion of their salary paid by grants (e.g., post docs). The best thing to do is to ask.

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