Concerning job ads/announcements, what's the typical difference between a researcher, a postdoctoral researcher, and a postdoctoral research fellow in Japan? The positions are in Computer Science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, if that makes any difference. Could you compare the usual

  • formal requirements,

  • duration,

  • duties,

  • freedom of research,

  • policy regarding the authorship of papers, including the list of authors,

  • working hours,

  • salary, and

  • possibility of extension

of the three occupations, of course, whenever possible or applicable?

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    If Japan is anything like the US, it's entirely dependent on the university and you can't predict anything from the title. Commented yesterday
  • @AzorAhai-him- University added to the question.
    – AlMa1r
    Commented 23 hours ago
  • That's not what I meant - I meant this question is probably unanswerable but I will leave it to someone actually familiar with Japan. Commented 23 hours ago
  • @AzorAhai-him- Partial answers are also welcome.
    – AlMa1r
    Commented 22 hours ago
  • Just because different ads use different words does not mean that these are well-defined terms with specific, established differences in meaning. This feels a little bit like comparing two ads which use the job titles "shop assistant" and "sales associate" and trying to use what is probably an idiosyncratic random word choice to divine some difference in meaning where there is either none or if there is some, it's entirely in the mind of the writer and not predictable from the outside. Commented 10 hours ago


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