I want to do a Phd with funding in the UK but I'm afraid to apply as I meet the requirements of Phd but just barely. I have reasonable Bachelors grades and a merit in my masters. Also I have research experience of one and a half years, contribution to two publications and a conference paper. However I know its incredibly competitive, particularly in the humanities,to apply. I just want to know what my odds would be if I don't have a stellar academic background.


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None of us could say with any certainty what the exact odds of you getting into any program without far too much personal imformation. Regardless, it's probably more worthwhile for you to focus on different ideas. If I could tell you the exact odds of you getting in, would it change anything? If you knew getting a position was unlikely, would this prevent you from applying?

If you want to try get into a program, you should simply apply. Some universitys will knock you back, but what is the harm in trying? Rejection is something we all have to get acquainted with eventually.

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