I helped a researcher with a small part of his article (in this case, writing some GPU code). I was not credited as a co-author, which is completely normal given that my work is tiny compared to his, but mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Can I add this fact to my resume? If so, in which section?


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No. Having a listing of "Papers where I am acknowledged" would be weird, and likely have a neutral-to-negative impact on readers (by highlighting something that is not generally seen as an 'achievement', you take attention away from your other achievements).

However, it may be appropriate to have a listing of "Software Contributions", especially if your work is publicly available on GitHub or similar. This could then mention the paper(s) that rely on your code.

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    Thanks for your reply, I wasn't thinking of a list, as you say that would be weird. But rather a simple sentence "I also contributed to papers X, Y and Z, see the acknowledgements section in those works". Without full citation, but maybe with title and author only.
    – richardIII
    Commented Apr 13 at 9:20

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