I am an undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in statistics. I can graduate in three years because of high school credits. I originally thought I should add another major or just take lots of extra classes in order to be in undergrad for four years. I did some statistical research relating to certain social sciences, and this really inspired me to want to continue with research, so I am now hoping to apply to statistics PhD programs once I finish undergraduate.

Is it better or worse for me to graduate in three years or four years in terms of PhD applications? It seems that I can just finish my PhD research a year earlier and spend a whole years' less on tuition. On the flip side, I may not have as much experience when applying, and although I would have completed my major, there might be other useful courses that I will potentially miss out on.

The last option -- is this viable? -- is to apply in my 3rd year, and if I don't get into any programs, apply again after a fourth year.

Might graduating in three years hurt my PhD admission chances?



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