I could really use some advice right now. A few months ago I got out of a Ph.D and decided to submit for an M. Phil after 2 years in an incredibly damaging and hostile environment in a UK University.

I am an international student and I am currently in the submission pending period of my M. Phil thesis (I am submitting a thesis with 5 chapters).

I have tried to apply for various other PhD projects that intrest me after having spoken to numerous PIs about my situation, they seemed to understand, but I haven't been able to make it through the DTPs shortlisting. Which I think is understandable because they must view me as a high-risk candidate as a quit my previous PhD.

I have also tried to apply for RA positions but to no avail. I'm extremely anxious and am incredibly stressed out if I'll ever make it out of this situation. I'm starting to feel extremely hopeless. Any advice/ help will be greatly appreciated. Should I try to do lab placements in my area of interest?

Thanks a lot!

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    Also don't forget that the majority of people do not stay in academia, even if they finish the PhD. If it turns out you don't have an option to finish it that you like, you'll probably find a better paying job outside of academia than if you had stayed.
    – Bryan Krause
    Apr 3 at 0:51
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    Everyone's path through life is different. I don't think a question as broad as "What should I do in life now?" is going to yield much useful material. Apr 3 at 2:24
  • In what area of science are you working? Are you planning to read for PhD in the UK only, or are you also considering the US? Apr 3 at 16:30


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