I'm a master's student in computer science and ML, currently on the lookout for research positions within my field. I'm aware that finding such opportunities can be quite challenging, given the decentralized nature of job postings for research/scientific roles. Unlike the more centralized platforms for industry positions, such as LinkedIn, it seems there's no equivalent "go-to" place for research jobs.

My goal is to find a platform where I can filter opportunities based on criteria such as location, specialization, and perhaps the type of research.

Could anyone share their experiences or recommend websites where I could start my search?

edit: both academic and industry are applicable

  • Are you looking for academic or industry-based internships? Commented Feb 26 at 0:20

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You can start your search at ScholarshipDB.net. On this page, you can find multiple research positions, internships, postdocs, etc. They are not directly published in ScholarshipDB.net, they are retrieved I assume automatically but the corresponding origin of the opportunity is provided.

You can also try AcademicPositions.

If you are interested in Germany try Research in Germany or MyScience; for Switzerland try Academics; for Austria try AIT.

I hope any of them helps you.

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