From the information available online, I understand that Virtual Special Issues (VSIs) can be either curated (comprising previously published articles) or dedicated to new work.

As a PhD student, I need to publish an article in a journal with an impact factor for my PhD defense. Is the credibility of a virtual special issue similar to a regular issue? How long does the review process for a virtual special issue take? Considering my time constraints, would the special issue be a viable option for submission?

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    Is your main concern about it being virtual/digital only? I think being digital-only or not doesn't say anything about the credibility of the journal, nowadays you have several good journals that don't print out physical magazines.
    – The Doctor
    Jan 16 at 12:02
  • Given the second paragraph, the only people who can answer are your local professors or administrators. Our opinion does not matter.
    – Jon Custer
    Jan 16 at 14:18
  • By the way, you have several questions in your text, you should focus on only one at time.
    – The Doctor
    Jan 16 at 14:48


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