If a mathematics journal abstracting and indexing is

$1.$ Mathematical Reviews

$2.$ Zentralblatt MATH

$3.$ Scopus

then how good is that journal ? Actually I communicate my paper in a well know journal. They reject it and recommended this journal whose indexing I mention above.

  • Note "MathSciNet" is the name of the on-line version of "Mathematical Reviews". Does "Mathematical Reviews" itself even exist any more?
    – GEdgar
    Jan 11 at 2:49
  • @GEdgar sir I don’t know . I just copied from journal site .
    – neelkanth
    Jan 11 at 6:05

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For mathematics papers, 1. and 2. are the choice. They are of top quality. On the other hand, 3. claims to cover "all flelds of research". I know nothing about their quality of indexing.

A mathematical journal not covered by 1. and 2. is likely not a serious journal. (The other option is that it is a very new journal and will be indexed in the future.)

  • Scopus doesn't include many lower tire journals. Scopus is also a good collection i would say.
    – learner
    Jan 11 at 2:46
  • @GEdgar yes it is 2019 starting journal.
    – neelkanth
    Jan 11 at 11:50

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