In postdoctoral application cover letter, is it okay to write, "My research interests are perfectly aligned with Professor X," even though the same professor did not reply when I mailed, expressing my interest in research collaboration?

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To build upon Buff's good answer, show, do not tell.

For example, you might write:

My doctoral project on [4-dimensional underwater basketweaving], aligns with Professor X's interests in [multi-dimensional underwater basketweaving]. Furthermore, I would like to further develop or test [the Smith theory multi-dimensional underwater basketweaving].

Basically, list specifically your overlap, relevant experience, and future overlap.


Your statement seems a bit too strong, since you don't have confirmation that the professor agrees. I would recommend softening it. "perfectly aligned" is a value judgement.

If you write it without "perfectly" and can offer some examples, it would be more "fair and balanced" (not to coin a phrase).

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