While working on a university application, I found the following, please see the image below. Here, what should I write in Total Possible field? Could you briefly explain with an example? Thank you. enter image description here

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That would almost certainly be the maximum for "full marks" in your courses. In the US it is usually 4.0 (sometimes 4.5). I think in India it is usually 10.0. Other places will vary. So, in the US GPA is something like 3.7/4.0, making 4.0 the total possible.

It seems odd, however, that they also want the 4.0 equivalent.

  • The equivalent can take into account systems that are more different, such as having better grades corresponding to lower numbers.
    – Anyon
    Nov 3, 2023 at 17:37
  • @Anyon, the world is a big place.
    – Buffy
    Nov 3, 2023 at 18:08

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