Scopus does not take ArXiv citations into account, which makes sense. However, when an ArXiv article is published in a peer-reviewed journal, Scopus does not 'transfer' previous ArXiv citations to the newly published version.

Even when asked to update the citation, Scopus replies: We would like to inform you that Scopus exclusively retrieves data from publisher-validated websites. Therefore, Scopus data reflects the publisher's website information in accordance with our data capture policy. Once the publisher rectifies this discrepancy, the Scopus website will be updated with accurate article data, and the citation will be correctly linked.

However, it's something they did in the past.

It is practically impossible to ask all authors citing ArXiv articles to update their reference. Given that some public academic systems (e.g. the Italian system) actually rely on Scopus indexing for public positions, is there anything we can do to ask Scopus to change its policy?

  • I understand your frustration and your wish to change how things are, but this is a Q&A site, not a site to find petitioners for a cause. Your question doesn't really have an answer that anyone can give, and we cannot pressure scopus to change their policy. I am thus voting to close due to being offtopic.
    – Sursula
    Nov 3 at 11:39
  • General question(s) here. 1) how can somebody be sure that the arXiv paper is 1:1 to the published article? 2) would it be easier to change the mechanisms of Schopus or the criteria of the academic systems? since you refer to we I guess you are expressing the discomfort of "many": are those "many" clustered in a certain country/system?
    – EarlGrey
    Nov 3 at 12:10
  • @Sursula what would be a more adequate place/forum to ask for suggestions? Anyway, I did not ask for petitioners, I asked for suggestions.
    – CuriousGuy
    Nov 3 at 14:41
  • @EarlGrey 1) right, maybe one can require a reference to the ArXiv version in the peer-reviewed one so reviewers must somewhat verify that the peer-review version includes the ArXiv one? 2) It should be easier to change the policy of a company rather than that of a country: Scopus is a company's database (Elsevier).
    – CuriousGuy
    Nov 3 at 14:41
  • @CuriousGuy Even if you only ask for suggestions, this is offtopic. This site is limited to questions that have definitive answers and not speculations or opinions. I honestly have no idea where you could ask something like that.
    – Sursula
    Nov 3 at 15:31


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