Let's say I took a GRE test and got a perfect 340 score for Verbal and Quantitative sections but very low score on Analytical Writing, and then retake GRE again to improve the Writing score and got 6 for this 2nd attempt. Can I take the 340 of Verbal-Quant from the 1st test and take the 6 of Writing from the 2nd test to apply for Graduate program?

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I can't find an explicit statement from ETS, but their ScoreSelect option allows you to send scores from any or all exams from the last 5 years and you select by test date. There's no option to pick individual sections from different dates.

With the ScoreSelect® option, you can send scores from Most Recent, All or Any specific test administration of the GRE General Test and/or Subject Tests.

Sending your GRE General test scores

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