I realize there are many ways to structure an introduction. This research paper's introduction has 3 sections: Background and Significance, Relevant Literature, and a third section where I actually propose the method to be explored later in the paper. What is the proper name for that last section of the introduction? Please note, there will be a Methods section next but I still need to introduce an overview of the method in the introduction.

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Perhaps "Contributions": at least this term, as a paragraph title, is common in my area for what you seem to be referring to.

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    Yes, the same in my field too. But also we have papers without an exclusive section title.
    – Coder
    Jul 31, 2023 at 21:02
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    Similarly, "[Our] [main/primary/proposed] contributions:". Aug 1, 2023 at 9:23

Another option I have seen would be for that section to simply carry the name of your method, or a short description of it.

For instance:

Section 3: The Direct-Section-Name Method.

Section 3: A Methodology for Naming Sections Containing the Main Contribution.


If you use structured titles and well labeled references there is no room for confusing the reader.

Section 1: Introduction
Blahing a blah...
1.4 Proposed method
Introductory summary of the method you propose.
Section X: Methods
X.1 Method #1
Description of Method #1...

Then you can use references like "...as mentioned in 1.4...", "...because of limitations in Method #1, following conditions must be met, see X.1..."

If the core purpose of the article is the Method proposal, then the Method should be described appropriately in all following sections:

  • Abstract - Very brief summary of why you have developped it and what it returns. (Motivate the plausible readers to read introduction and conclusions)
  • Introduction - Not that brief summary of why and what from you have developped it, and briefly how it works. (Assure possible readers they want to read the Conclusions)
  • Method proposal - Describe in detail how the method works, what are the inputs and what it returns.
  • Discussion - Dicsuss all the upsids and downsides of the method.
  • Conclusion - describe briefly how it works and sum up the dicsussion.


Proposed Method(s):



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