I'm looking for an online resources that lists all summer schools of the actual year in a specific domain. Are there any sites? I just found one: Summer Schools in Europe, but this site seems to be a little bit outdated and doesn't have a lot of summer schools.

In my case, I'm focused on software engineering and Europe. But if it is a world-wide source I wouldn't mind.

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I would say that one of the best online resources for Software Engineering is SEWORLD. You can browse their archives and look for summer schools there.

Note that their search engine is a bit weird, if you go through "search the archive", put Summer school in the subject and "2010-1-1" in the starting date (when I leave it blank, I don't get recent results). For future references, here is the result of this query:

  • ISSSE 2012 - 9th International Summer School on Software Engineering
  • Summer School Marktoberdorf 2012] Call for Application
  • LASER Summer School 2012: Innovative Languages for Software Engineering
  • CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - 4th RiSE International Summer School (RISS) - Next Generation of Software Product Lines
  • summer school VTSA 2011
  • Summer School on Technologies for Realizing Social Networks and Applications
  • CFP: 1st Insubria International Summer School on Open Source Software (IISSOSS 2011)
  • Summer School on Mechanized Logic for High Assurance Software
  • Canadian Summer School on Practical Analyses of Software Engineering Data
  • UPCRC Illinois Offers Summer School on Multicore Programming
  • 3rd International CASE Summer School on Practical Experimentation in Software Engineering - July 11-15, 2011 - Free University of Bolzano-Bozen
  • Summer School on Programming Languages for Concurrent and Parallel Computing
  • 8th International Summer School on Software Engineering (ISSSE 2011)
  • [Summer School Marktoberdorf 2011] Call for Application
  • LASER Summer School 2011: Tools for Practical Software Verification
  • [CFA] Summer School on Programming Languages PL2010
  • CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - 3rd RiSE International Summer School (RiSS) - Generative Reuse
  • Call for participation to the 3rd International Summer School on Adaptive Socio-Technical Pervasive Systems
  • CfP ADAPT Summer School
  • DSM-TP 2010: 1st International Summer School on Domain Specific Modeling - Theory and Practice - Call for participation
  • Call for participation: VTSA 2010 Summer School on Verification Technology, Systems & Applications
  • 6th REASONING WEB Summer School "Semantic Technologies for Software Engineering"
  • Summer School on Mining Software Repositories - June 2010, Kingston, Canada
  • CfP: UPCRC Illinois Summer School on Multicore Programming
  • LASER Summer School on Software Engineering
  • TiC'10: Third International Summer School on Trends in Concurrency
  • Call for Part: CASE Summer School, Bolzano, Italy, 19-23 July 2010
  • CfPart: 6th TAROT Summer School on Software Testing
  • 7th International Summer School on Software Engineering

You should also check this list.


For software engineering maybe you can find sth here.


Take a look at Dagstuhl Seminars. In that space some summer (and winter) schools on SE are frequently offered.

Their list is updated very frequently, and they make available a schedule of events about to happen for a couple of years. This way, you can organize your time (and money) to attend any school.

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    Dagstuhl Seminars are typically, though maybe not exclusively, invitation only, and are generally not summer/winter schools per se. (That said, there may be some schools offered.) Commented Apr 22, 2012 at 1:28

You can check ABC Business Academy Summer School. It's not software engineering specific, but it hits the broader scope of the topic.

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