I was searching for Journal Impact Factor on internet, after that I came across a website named Journals Insights.

I'll like to know if the Impact Factor mentioned on the website is correct or not?
Specifically, the IF for the Indian journal of medical research

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I have checked the 'official' Impact Factor at Clairviate Journal Citation Reports, and yes, the 2023 value is 4.2. This is down from a high of 5.3 last year, but significantly up from values in the range of 1.2-1.5 pre-2020.

Looking at the most cited papers from the past 2 years, 20 of the top 25 are COVID-19 related, and several of the others are more general reviews of relevance to COVID-19 (respiratory illnesses, obesity). So the journal has seen a huge upswing due to these COVID-related papers, but it remains to be seen if this will persist as we move back to more normal publishing patterns.


I cannot say whether that website is accurate. But I can say that impact factors are put out by Clarivate. So if you want to check a journals impact factor, or even verify that the journal has an impact factor at all, look at Clarivate's Master Journal List. I think some of the specific metrics (impact factor possibly included) are locked behind a subscription though. Alternatively, you can just look at the journal's home page directly. I suppose they could lie there, but that's out of your control.


On face value, the Journals Insights is an aggregator with fairly good metrics.

The Journals Insights appears to be an aggregator. As to its credibility, I can not say. However, going by the listing for this Indian Journal of Medical Research, it is not far off.

It listed the SJR as 0.716. On Scimago, the SJR is 0.72 with H-index of 96.

Regarding impact factor (IF), the Journals Insights says the "Impact Factor of Indian Journal of Medical Research is 4.2 (2023)".
However, the journal's website says "Impact Factor® as reported in the 2022 Journal Citation Reports® (Clarivate Analytics, 2022): 5.274".

This is similar to another aggregator: "Indian Journal of Medical Research is 5.274, which is just updated in 2023."
PS: can't vouch for this Academic accelerator as well.

Scopus Preview shows that the journal (with two previous names) and ISSN:0971-5916 has a cite score of 5.6 as of May 2023.
PS: The SJR of 0.716 matches that of Journals Insights.
Likewise, the ISSN matches that of Scimago and Journals Insights.

  • Print ISSN 0971-5916
  • Online ISSN 0975-9174

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