Many universities (including my own) use Pure (an Elsevier product for institutional research information management) to report research outputs.

My question is about entering conference outputs in Pure.

In particular, suppose I submit an abstract to a conference and it is accepted for a poster or a presentation (not a paper in the proceedings).

When entering this in Pure there are 3 options in my university:

  1. Contribution to a conference/Abstract

  2. Contribution to a conference/Poster

  3. Contribution to a conference/Presentation

My university presents no guidance on which I should use.

Given that the abstract had been accepted with a resulting poster or poster/presentation, which should I use:

Abstract or poster/presentation

Is there a difference? And under what circumstances should I choose each of these categories?

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    Jun 26, 2023 at 0:08

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Intuitively, it would be Contribution to a conference/Abstract.
What you submitted was an abstract, and not a paper for presentation.

Given the scenario, all three are possibilities. I'll nonetheless go with Contribution to a conference/Abstract (provided the abstract is published as the conference output whether as program book or conf website).

However, if I were to go with Aalto's guidance for ACRIS, I might probably opt for poster if the end outcome is the poster, and presentation if it were presented. Likewise TU/e Pure guidance or Groningen guide.

  • My "intuition" is the opposite. Enter it as it was accepted, not as it was submitted.
    – Buffy
    Nov 22, 2023 at 21:06

Assuming that you enter it after decisions have been made or that you have the chance to update an earlier entry, I think it should be entered (or updated) as it was accepted, not as it was submitted.

Other possibilities are misleading, even dishonest. If you submit a presentation and have a poster (only) accepted, then entering it as a presentation is false. The opposite case is true as well.

Your "contribution" is what was accepted.

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