I have recently submitted a paper to a journal and in the website of that journal it say that indexed in SCOPUS and ESCI and etc. In the website of SCIMAGO the name of the journal is available. When I check the scopus website there exists a journal by the same name, but when I look for that by ISSN there is no journal with this title. For Emerging sources citation index I have used ESCI to validate that. Regarding its publisher, I am not able to validate its publisher because it has just one website with few information. Can you please help me how to validate the journal?

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A publisher website with very little contact information is a massive red flag, potentially indicative of [predatory-publishing] practices. There are predatory organizations who will "hijack" the name of a legitimate journal and use their journal title and ratings to make their predatory site appear legitimate.

You can also verify the registered ISSN through the ISSN portal and verify that information (website, publisher, ISSN info) against what is appearing on the site itself.

In addition to checking the above, you can look to publication history, editors, reviewers, etc. I have contacted supposed journal editors, who were listed on a predatory site, who were angered to discover this, as they had no affiliation with the journal whatsoever.

Iowa State University has a nice little Guide to Predatory Publishing that is a helpful start. Most predatory publishers are fairly quickly revealed when you start digging around to verify some of this information. I usually pick a thread and pull it, and see where it leads me. Always worth it to investigate and do some 'due diligence'.


NB: This is for Scimago:

What is on Scimago is what is Scopus indexed.
Check the ISSN on Scimago if it matches.
If it does, the journal site from Scimago should be the right journal. If it is different, then you (might) have an #hijacked journal.

PS: Scimago might not have a broken link: like in the case of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (as at 15 Jun 2023)

[Edit] Ensure you're checking ISSN and E-ISSN (where there's one).

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