My whole reason for returning to academia is that I fell in love. I realize that doctors believe that there is no adaptive value to love, but I can prove them wrong (the loss of appetite alone means greater food sharing to increase odds of gestation). My first experience with her was like straight out of a Romantic comedy (artists are allowed to be like me). She moved across my view in slow motion (time dilation like Einstein's). Why is it always the man who sees the woman in Slo-mo? I could feel her presence, and point to her direction, whenever she came within my field of sensitivity (approx. 150 feet). I could feel her emotions as my own (shared emotions of quantum entanglement?). I questioned others to find men like me and found a few. I am currently offering a reward of 10 million US dollars to anyone who can get me a couple where the male can point to his female THROUGH WALLS (contingent on investment bankers and the couples willingness to be experimented with). I have been trying to contact anthropologists as this is a hunter/gatherer gene (with abilities like elasmobranchs). I have a lot of work to do to get rid of the scourge called "organized religions". The same amount will go to the couple. I have 2 theories as to why the doctors will not communicate with me. 1) They don't want to be considered less evolved, although a lack of love means protracted education and higher pay. 2) They are afraid to stick their necks out (the reason Einstein didn't get the Nobel for Relativity). I have been trying to get their/your attention since the age of 30... I'm 51.

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