Ever since I learned about math writing in LaTeX, I have really enjoyed it.

Over the summer before my freshman year of college, I spent hours rewriting a few papers I had written in google docs (yes with the horrible math integration) in LaTeX. I am now a 2nd-year undergraduate studying to pursue a pure math degree (I especially enjoy number theory).

In all of my math classes, I write my homework up in LaTeX, even though my classmates write it by hand and finish their HW in half the time it takes me. Still, I really enjoy the way my final product looks. I don't get any extra points for doing this, I just really love proof-writing and especially finalizing it in a way that looks professional.

My question is this: are there any career routes that specifically focus on mathematical writing? Obviously, math researchers write their own papers, but I'm curious if there is something more to math paper writing.


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You could join a publisher. Math publishers will often use TeX. Example advertisement from a quick search.

  • Experience teaching or developing IM K-12 Math
  • Excellent stakeholder and project team communication skills.
  • Strong computer skills with cloud-based systems, especially Google Workspace applications, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Zoom, and Slack.
  • Comfortable with:
    • Website editing/typesetting including basic HTML, LaTex, or another markup language.
  • Willing to learn:
    • The IM Content Management System (CMS), Wrike, Asana.

The key word to search for would be 'typesetter'.

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