I've recently been invited to an interview for an entomology technician/research role. I have been told that "The interview will consist of a 20 min (max) non-confidential presentation covering your choice of aspects: research, and/or R&D, including process, quality control; skills; experience."

I've had a look online to try and get an idea of what I'm supposed to do, but just thought I'd ask here for any direct advice.

I'm planning on putting together a presentation on a research project I did last year through a scholarship, where I studied spider behaviour. I'll use the first couple minutes to introduce myself, then I'll just talk about: the background of the project and my motivations; the research question and how I decided upon it; the methodologies, including some initial issues I ran into during the pilots (good example of self-reliance and resilience); the data analysis and results (very briefly though as I don't think it's all that important); the process of publishing the outcomes of the research. I'll then talk about the experiences and skills I gained/developed through this project that relate to the role and perhaps the areas I could have improved.

Not sure if that's too much. Yet to put the presentation together. But if anyone could let me know if that sounds like I'm on the right track that would be great. And of course, if anyone has advice that would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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