I am a undergraduate economics student who is looking to apply to PhD statistics programs next year. I don't have the strongest math background because I started my undergraduate studies looking to go straight into the finance industry after graduation. I am currently taking a real analysis course as this is a prerequisite for any type of graduate study in statistics, and I am doing poorly. I think at this point the best I can do is a C+. Other than this course, I have excellent grades and I think I am a solid candidate for some of the "better" statistics graduate programs in the US. But, I feel that if I get a C in real analysis during my final year, I will be effectively disqualified from all PhD statistics programs.

So: would it be better to drop the course now, receive a W grade, and retake it next semester? Which is viewed worse by admissions?

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    Have a look at the stated requirements of the stats programs.
    – whoisit
    Commented Nov 18, 2022 at 3:11


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