I sent my short communication almost a month back, but have still not received a response. There's a high chance it might get rejected, and my colleagues are asking me to submit it to another journal. If it gets accepted by the other journal, than I can just retract my submission from IJS.

Can someone guide me? I'm scared that the topic I chose might get picked out and published by someone else. Do I contact the journal regarding this?


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If you want to know what's happening to your manuscript, the best (and possibly only) way to do so is to write to them and ask. I note their website gives the email address of the editorial office; they are the people you want to write to.

One thing you really should not do is submit your paper to another journal before withdrawing it from IJS, because if you do that then you are likely in breach of dual submission rules at both journals. That can get you blacklisted by both publishers.

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