I am using Mendeley Reference Manager to read research papers and group them into collections.

During reading we often jump to references (such as Figures or Tables) or citations (to see the name of papers etc.). When I am reading a paper i can't click on those hyperlinks to jump to that specific section of the article (compared to Chrome, Edge or Zotero). Is there a setting or a way to do it that I am missing?

Read through FAQ from Mendeley, but nothing mentions this. Also checked few Youtube videos explaining usage, but all of them are focusing on other aspects, but this is bothering me as can't click on a ref and go back with ALT + Left arrow like normally in programming or competing solutions like Zotero.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Note: I just downloaded Zotero (as a competitor app) to see if it works there.

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I have contacted the Mendeley support for an answer to the question, as couldn't get one anywhere else. Will leave the answer for future people.

Thank you for contacting Mendeley Support about your enquiry if there is a way to follow references or figures (by clicking on them) in Mendeley while reading a research paper?

Regarding your enquiry, This feature is currently under consideration and will be included as part of a future update in Mendeley.

Unfortunately we do not have an exact date on when it will be available.

Rest assured that once we received an update from our product development team that it is now available in Mendeley, we will post it in our Release Notes and supporhub

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