I am a PhD student in the US that is currently paid as a grad research asst. from my advisor's NSF grant full time (100% FTE) during the summer and 1/2 time (50% FTE) during the school year, with the other 50% of my time presumed to be spent on classes. I recently accepted a position as an independent contractor for a consultant working roughly 16-20 hrs a week.

My question is, are there any rules from the NSF regarding this type of arrangement? I need to certify that I spend 40hrs/week on the NSF project (which I do), but I want to make sure myself/my advisor don't get into trouble here. I can't seem to find this addressed anywhere.

  • You asked about NSF rules, but your university may also have its own rules about such outside work. Jul 27 at 16:12
  • Yes they do. I am currently navigating their process for my situation, but I wasn't sure if the NSF had any specific rules themselves. Jul 27 at 18:47


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