My advisor used to work with A LOT of different fields and topics, but just one had good chances of grant money. I started to work with her studying a topic that it´s not "the chosen one", and now she just want to work with this particular one. She started not caring about all the other topics. I'm beeing heavily affected my this. She does not suggest new experiments, new readings, new papers... Nothing.

I'm in my last year of my PhD and I did not accomplish much. I know I should have noticed before, but here I am. I try do "advise myself", but there is a limit of what I can do. I work in biomedical sciences and all the experiments costs money, and in her lab my topic does not have any.

I need to finish this but I don't know how... My thesis' data is not good enough to be approved right now.

A penny for your thoughts?

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    Have you talked to your adviser about it? At least the part that relates to "I need to finish this but I don't know how..."? Jul 20 at 23:33


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