I just came across this publication (link below) in the AHA journal. it has a summary/abstract of the research but no link to the full research paper. Would anyone be able to explain the reasoning behind this.


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There's no full paper associated to that abstract, because it's a conference abstract, not a paper abstract. If you go up one level from that link you'll find:

International Stroke Conference Oral Abstracts

That is a collection of the abstracts of the works presented at that conference. This is common in some conferences: authors submit only a short description of their work, typically half or one page long. In the past, these submission were typically collected in a book of abstracts which was given to the participants at the beginning of the conference. Nowadays, abstracts are more commonly distributed in electronic form.

  • Note that the presentation may well have covered material from one or more recent papers by the author. One can search for those papers. Jul 16, 2022 at 19:48

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