Background information: I am currently applying for various PhD programs in Mathematics. For some of them, I have to give a short presentation regarding the research proposal, which I have submitted for the application.

Now, I am currently a research assistant in the university where I did my master's degree in order to continue my work until I can start my PhD. However, my PhD applications are for other universities in slightly different topics.

My question(s):

  1. I usually include my affiliation as well as the name and the logo of my university on the title page, because it looks more prefessional. Should I also do this for the PhD interview? On one hand, the application has nothing to do with my university and currenct academic position (I mean, I do not present anything regarding my research, just the project on which I intend to work as a PhD student), but on the other hand it is the place where I am currently affilated to.
  2. Secondly, should I include the name of my intended supervisor on the title page? For the application, it was not required to specify your preferred supervisor, however, I am already in touch with some professors and the proposals are the results of my discussions with them (the proposal are not binding, just required for the applications). So, should I add a line on the title page like "intended to work under the guidance of Prof. John/Jane Doe"? (The professors are in each case not in the committee)

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(1) is OK, since you are currently working there. (2) seems to me to be a bit presumptuous since the person you are naming has not yet accepted you. The committee will ask you about who you want to work with anyway and hopefully, your advisor in spe has already indicated this to the committee.

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