So I can derive the relative maxwell distribution (selecting 2 random particles what is the probability they have a particular relative velocity) from relative variables (relative position, relative momentum, etc). My friends have told me since in some sense a rederivation of the Maxwell distribution it probably isn't publishable in a physics journal.

Given how this plays a role in the discussion of Leibniz's idea against absolutes I was wondering if perhaps this could be published in a physical philosophy journal? (Also I'm not sure how me not being currently in academia will affect things).


Is this manuscript publishable in a journal of physical philosophy? (Any recommendations will help)


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Just like this? Unlikely. You would have to ground it in the philosophy of physics and explain why you are doing something that is new and why it is relevant to a wider discussion in the history and philosophy of science. Both Maxwell and Leibniz are subjects of VERY active, long-term and rigorous scholarship. You would need to do considerable background reading to understand where your work fitted into the wider picture of contemporary scholarship, what problem you were trying to address, and why it was (genuinely) new compared to all the existing papers out there.

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