Although I have read a lot in my area of interest (plant taxonomy and botanical nomenclature), in am no academic of it, having only a Bachelor of Translation degree.

It has taken me two years of waffling back and forth before I worked up the courage to write up a quick note (something not entirely dissimilar to this in nature, mostly bibliographical, but necessary nonetheless) which I'd like to submit to Phytoneuron. I call it "informal" because it is an independent, one-man journal with a relatively unelaborated review process where one sends the prospective article straight to the editor.

However, I have NO idea what sort of language one in my situation can be expected to address to a journal editor. That I am diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and have been told before my writing can be overly formal to comical or insulting degrees at times is not helping my crushing nervosity about the whole thing.

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You could write something like the following. Short and sweet.

To the editor,

Please find attached an article for consideration for publication in the journal Phytoneuron. I assert that this is an original contribution and it has not been submitted for consideration elsewhere.
Could you please acknowledge receipt of this submission?

Best regards,
Your name
Your Affiliation

Title of Article


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