I am wondering what options there are for maintaining a list of errata / minor misprints / clarifications to published research papers. Here, I mean errors/misprints that are not sufficiently serious that a journal would consider publishing an erratum, but whose correction would nonetheless be beneficial to readers.

I have in mind a system where authors (and possibly readers) can attach comments / list of corrections / clarifications to their papers in a straightforward way - ideally in a way that links to the relevant DOI / arXiv identifier.

It seems somewhat surprising that such a system is not already established - or perhaps it is and I have missed it? One concern is over the longevity of the system - I used to maintain some errata to my paper on my own wiki-style pages, but at some point this wiki folded and I lost all of the information (which I had unfortunately not backed up anywhere).

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It is called PubPeer.

In my experience it is not very popular. It seems mostly biomedical researchers use it.

If it's minor, why do it?

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    This is a useful answer, but OP did explain why they want to do it: "correction would nonetheless be beneficial to readers."
    – Oliver882
    Commented Jul 14, 2022 at 16:25

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