If I win a competition for an internal postdoctoral fellowship award, can employer side CPP and EI be deducted from this in addition to employee side? Shouldn't the employer side be deducted from advisors own grant?

Sorry just realized this question is a duplicate: Employer contributions deducted from quoted salary—is this normal?

  • Please consider clarifying the abbreviations. At least I am not familiar enough with the Canadian system to have a clue what they mean. But, if it is an internal fellowship, surely the institution can decide what it will and won't cover?
    – Anyon
    May 12 at 23:58
  • CPP is Canada Pension Plan and EI is Employment Insurance. Usually when an employee is hired the both parties have to pay for this. So if your salary is $60K some percentage is deducted from your paycheck. Additionally a similar amount is also paid by the employer in addition to your salary. In this case the advisor is setting it up so that he/she does not have to pay the employer side from her own grant (as he/she is the employer), but rather that both employee and employer side deductions be made from the fellowship monies.
    – play
    May 13 at 15:27
  • @play I don't really think it's a duplicate; in that case they're deducting money from the stated salary. That isn't the same as taking the money from a grant. Usually when you apply for an extramural grant, your institution will help you convert your salary into the number you actually cost, and you ask the granting institution for that number. For internal funds it's completely up to them how they do the numbers. But I don't understand why you think the advisor's grant should cover the backend taxes on a fellowship. The institution is your employer, not the advisor.
    – Bryan Krause
    May 13 at 19:08
  • It states on their postdoctoral affairs website that when hiring a postdoc the advisor has to pay for benefits cost. In this case the post doctoral fellowship award was say $50K the advisor is saying that I am not paying the employer part to government which is say about $5K from other grants, it should come from the fellowship money. So salary will not be the fellowship amount at $50K but rather $45K. Then employee side deductions (which are normally deducted) will also be deducted from it.
    – play
    May 13 at 21:45


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