Given a sentence.

We can use A,B,C or other methods.

How would each of A,B and C be cited.

like this

We can use A (Citation A),B (Citation B),C (Citation C) or other methods

or this

We can use A,B,C (Citation A; Citation B; Citation C) or other methods.


We can use A,B,C ((Citation A), (Citation B) and (Citation C)) or other methods.

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    Have you looked at the Chicago book or website? What did you find?
    – gib
    Mar 22 at 19:20
  • Ive looked around and the closest i have found is multiple citation for one topic, in the sentence (2nd method here). but that doesnt exactly fit here. as each of the mentioned items is different and has different citation.
    – Maaz Jamal
    Mar 22 at 23:09

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I think

the 1st way is OK

the 2nd way is better (especially if there are exactly three methods and three citations), because it is more uncluttered

the 3rd way is wrong, because it has too many brackets.

  • i went with 1 for now as it seemed the least ambiguous and yes there are exactly 3 citatations
    – Maaz Jamal
    Mar 23 at 22:39

I would write something like

We can use A,B,C (respectively Citation A; Citation B; Citation C) or other methods.

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