I'm a theoretical physics M.Sc. student, about to start working on my thesis, and I'd like to pursue a career in research, so PhD and so on. With various sources (my professor, colleagues, internet and so on) I've decided that the general subject of my studies (or at least of my thesis) will be something around AdS/CFT and holography: this subject is pretty focused but there are a ton of sub-subjects, and I would like to know, in the various universities/research institutes around Europe, what sub-subjects are studied more, which one are better funded, and so on. To sum up: what are the best channels to find information about which particular aspects of a research subjects are more studied/better funded?

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    This seems to be a "shopping question". You need to do your own research on this. Or talk to your advisor.
    – Buffy
    Nov 25 at 21:24
  • @Buffy I know I have to do my own research: I am asking whether some channels might be better than others (should I check, idk, the most cited articles on arxiv? Or maybe that's not very representative, and it's better to look on the single universities' websites? Or maybe look at rankings of research institutes, and see what the top ones are working on?) Nov 25 at 21:47
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    A caution, though. Working in the hottest areas means you are more likely to get scooped and the field might well be flooded before you finish. It isn't the best strategy.
    – Buffy
    Nov 25 at 21:52
  • To find out what people are working on, read the literature.
    – astronat
    Nov 26 at 11:03

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