I work in a private research organization. After completing one of my projects, when I send it to my supervisor for review, he said- he doesn't want to put his name in that project and asked me to be the corresponding author. I have done similar projects earlier so this work was mostly done by me. I mean I did not have to take much help or suggestions from my supervisor. I worked myself and allocated other group members their parts. When I submitted it, the work got published with a very minor revision in a reputed journal.

As I am applying for a Ph.D. in the USA, and in SOP, they asked me to write about prior research experience. According to me, being a corresponding author is like an achievement. But I am confused if I should write about it in the SOP or not? Is it ok if I write about it? Like this incidence has been a confidence booster for me like this? Also, I have worked as a reviewer for a journal (reviewed 8 articles till now). Should I mention that too?


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It will probably have only a minimal impact, if any. But the SoP is not the place for it. Put it in the CV.

For more on the SoP and what to write there, see this canonical answer about admissions in the US

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