As someone who has been offered a position with Springer Nature as an associate scientific editor, I am unclear about the career progression in such an industry?

I am currently a 2 year postdoc in chemical engineering in the US.

Is it possible to shift to an industry other than publishing after reaching a senior position or if this doesn't work out after a year or two?

How about returning to a research position (tenure track) or research associate position after one or two years?


In math, in the U.S., if you did not already have tenure, this might be a bad thing. That is, although it might be a useful activity, it's not directly about research or teaching, and somewhat indicates less interest in those aspects of academe.

After tenure, taking a year or two leave to do such things, or to work at the National Science Foundation, is considered legitimate service... but it's not a strong point toward tenure, at least in my observation. You'd want/need to continue research output during your time there, which might be difficult due to commitments of time and energy, even apart from Chem E lab needs...


Yes you can change industry afterwards. Even as a technical person, although the more you are in publishing, the less likely it will be.

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